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Department Offers three years diploma in Computer Science and Engineering.This Programme imparts students with skills required for computer software and hardware industry. Post Diploma programme students may take admission in engineering courses of computer science and Engineering/Information technology through Lateral Entry scheme of M.P. Government. They have ample opportunity to directly go for placement.


To develop innovative and technically competent computer professionals


To develop employability and entrepreneurship skills.

To upgrade the existing Infrastructure and Human Resources to keep pace with the emerging technologies.

To provide quality education with innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit, and ethical values.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Identify, analyze, design, develop and maintain software, systems and networks.
  • Develop life-long learning attitude towards latest trends in market driven technology.
  • Demonstrate professional skills through effective communication, team work, multidisciplinary approach and ethical behavior with concern to society and environment.
  • Programme Outcomes

  • Basic knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering principals to solve broadly defined computer science and engineering problems.
  • Discipline knowledge: Identify, formulate and solve broadly defined computer science and engineering related problems by applying computer science principles.
  • Experiments and practice: Plan, perform and practice wide-range of computer science and engineering experiments and use the results to solve computer science related problems.
  • Engineering Tools: Identify and use modern software/hardware tools and techniques necessary for computer engineering practices with an understanding of their limitations.
  • The engineer and society: Demonstrate the knowledge by practice in Computer Science and Engineering with due concern to society with respect to health, safety, legal and cultural issues.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Understand professional and ethical responsibilities and act accordingly in all situations with a reasonable emphasis on environmental issues and sustainability.
  • Ethics: Inculcate and practice ethical responsibilities and norms of engineering practices.
  • Individual and team work: Participate in team as a team member or leader to apply acquired skills to accomplish the assigned task.
  • Communication: Ability to communicate effectively with written oral and visual means in a technical environment.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need and have the requisite preparation and ability for continuous self upgradation as per the demand of the ever changing technological sector.
  • Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Students will solve computational problems by applying concepts of programming and mathematical foundation.
  • Students will develop real life software based applications by applying concepts of programming and software engineering
  • Students will design and develop web based systems, create and manage database, handle computer network, manage operating systems, and maintain computer hardware
  • Faculty

    Pooja Manghnani

    Designation : Head of the Department
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experiance Years : 22
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : DBMS
    Contact : 9425008477

    Rajesh Sisodiya

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experiance Years : 10
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Network Security
    Contact : 8349861441

    Snehlata Yadav

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experiance Years : 10
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Data Mining
    Contact : 9329666492

    Dr. Yachana Bhawsar

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : Ph.D.
    Experiance Years : 08
    Paper Publish :
    6 Paper
    Expertise : Data Mining
    Contact : 9827811904

    Dhruvendra Kumar Chourishi

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experiance Years : 20
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Hardware Installation
    Contact : 9826816730

    Pankaj Khare

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : M.C.A.
    Experiance Years : 19
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : DBMS
    Contact : 9826489370

    Rajneesh kumar Ranjan

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : M.Tech
    Experiance Years : 03
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Computer Vision and Image Processing
    Contact : 9479862106

    Admission Criteria

    Candidate should pass 10th exam Or equivalent.

    Candidate should appear in PPT. Exam.

    Candidate should be M.P. domicile.

    Admission is through online counseling.

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