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The Department of Architecture and Interior Design is one of the oldest departments of the institute. The course was started along with inception of the institute in 1965 as Department of Architecture, later on the Interior Design part was also added to make it more specialized to suit the demands of the construction industry, and the name was changed to Department of Architecture and Interior Design in 2007-08. The pass out students of this institute are working in the various Government departments/ private architects offices/ Builder offices.

Department is equipped with smart classroom, CAD lab, Design studio, language lab keep pace with latest technology trends. Practical oriented teaching learning process is supported by site visits, market surveys, guest lectures and also participation of students in various competitions and exhibitions, career counseling and personality grooming sessions are organized for students from time to time.

After completing the course -

  • The interested students may obtained a degree equivalent to B.Arch through correspondence course from IIA Mumbai which enable them to run their own firms.
  • Get admission in second year B.E.(Civil Engineering) through lateral entry
  • Become eligible for NATA entrance exam for getting admission in B.Arch course.
  • Become an entrepreneur in the field of interior design.
  • Vision



    Ensure professional education consistent to the changing needs.

    Create a conducive environment focusing student centric learning.

    Cultivate the spirit of creativity and innovation, with emphasis on ethical practices and environmental sustainability.

    Programme Educational Objectives

  • Comprehend the project requirements, analyze the available information, develop and present design solutions
  • Supervise and assist in execution of architectural and Interior Design projects.
  • Demonstrate ethical attitude, communicate effectively and work as a team.
  • Programme Outcomes

  • Basic knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering to solve the architectural/interior design problems.
  • Discipline knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of architecture and interior design to draft, assist in design / design, supervise and execute various types of architectural and interior projects.
  • Experiments and practice: Extract the relevant information from the applicable codes and, apply the same in the architectural & interior design process.
  • Engineering Tools: Produce digital production and presentation drawings and, prepare estimates using appropriate tools.
  • The engineer and society: Demonstrate an understanding of professional codes pertaining to societal, health, safety, legal and cultural aspects and consequent responsibilities relevant to architecture and interior design.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Understand the importance of environment and their role in creation of sustainable environment through designs.
  • Ethics: Commit to professional ethics in the field of building construction and design.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse/multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively to express themselves in written and verbal forms and through drawings.
  • Life-long learning: Understand the importance of life-long learning by updating themselves with latest market practices and skills.
  • Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Make different types of architectural and interior drawings manually and using relevant software and applicable codes of practices.
  • Record and utilize field data to prepare and update designs, estimates and site maps.
  • Design and execute small scale architectural and interior projects.
  • Faculty

    K V Rao

    Designation : Principal
    Qualification : M. E.
    Experiance Years : 31
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Construction, Structural Engineering
    Contact : 8989208389

    Dr Aradhana Hans

    Designation : I/C HOD
    Qualification : PhD
    Experiance Years : 25
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Urban Planning
    Contact : 9826396732

    Sushama Gokhale

    Designation : Sr. Lecturer
    Qualification : M. Tech
    Experiance Years : 23
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Urban Planning
    Contact : 9826649225

    Dr Prateek Manke

    Designation : Sr. Lecturer
    Qualification : PhD
    Experiance Years : 23
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Building Energy
    Contact : 9993635320

    Keerti Garg

    Designation : Sr. Lecturer
    Qualification : M. Tech
    Experiance Years : 23
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Environmental Planning, Interior
    Contact : 9425029900

    Dr Charumitra Patil

    Designation : Sr. Lecturer
    Qualification : PhD
    Experiance Years : 10
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Environmental Planning, Interior
    Contact : 9752333909

    Manish Kumar

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : B. E
    Experiance Years : 3
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Advanced RCC Structures, Matrix Analysis of Struct
    Contact : 9911349075

    Ar Anjan Nandi

    Designation : Adjunct Faculty
    Qualification : B.Arch.
    Experiance Years : 30
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Architecture and Environmental Planning, Interior
    Contact : 9425011564

    Dr. Jitendera Airan

    Designation : Lecturer
    Qualification : Ph. D.
    Experiance Years : 18
    Paper Publish :
    Expertise : Real and Complex Analysis
    Contact : 9754635182

    Admission Criteria

    Eligibility Class 10th pass from any school board.

    Entry through Pre Polytechnic Test (PPT) conducted by PEB, Bhopal (

    Intake capacity 60 seats

    Duration of the programme Three years (six semester)

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